OASE & Rain Jet Floating Fountain Parts

The OASE Floating Fountain Pump Assembly
Commonly referred to as the MINI or MIDI Stratavator, and previously Rain Jet Floating Fountains

OASE - Rain Jet Floating Fountain Pump Parts

OASE & Rain Jet Floating Fountain Parts

The OASE MINI / MIDI Pump Discharge Housing
Part# 82109
The Pump Discharge Housing for these floating fountains has a "Left Handed Thread" and care should be taken to ensure the Fountain Nozzle is removed and installed properly.
*A "Right Hand Thread" Discharge is available


OASE - Rainjet Floating Fountain Pump Discharge Housing
The OASE MINI / MIDI Impeller for 1/2 HP 3/4 HP and the 1 HP Floating Fountains

The OASE MINI / MIDI Impeller for 1/2 HP 3/4 HP and the 1 HP

1/2 HP Part# 82111 OASE - Rainjet Replacement 1/2 HP (horespower) impeller
3/4 HP Part# 82121 OASE - Rainjet Replacement 3/4 HP (horespower) impeller
1 HP Part# 82131 OASE - Rainjet Replacement 1 HP (horespower) impeller

The OASE MINI / MIDI Impeller for 1 1/2 HP and the 2 HP Floating Fountains

1 1/2 HP Part# 82141 OASE - Rainjet Replacement 1 1/2 HP (horespower) impeller
2 HP Part# 82151 OASE - Rainjet Replacement 2 HP (horespower) impeller
OASE MINI / MIDI Impellers

The OASE Pump "O" Ring seals the suction housing and discharge housing

"O" Ring - Part #82108

The OASE MINI / MIDI Floating Fountain
Pump Suction Housing
The Pump Suction Housing attaches to the Motor Mount and the Discharge attaches to it

Part #82113

OASE MINI / MIDI Pump Suction Housing
OASE MINI / MIDI Pump Motor Mount

The Fountain Pump Motor Mount for the
OASE MINI and MIDI Stratavaotor
and Rain Jet Floating Fountain.

Part #82122

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