Pond Filters

Everyone Loves a water garden, the cool relaxing sound of babbling water. That's why we build our fountains and ponds in the first place. Only to find that, they are a lot of work..... Sooner or later you will have a water quality problem. Fish, birds, plants, and other vegetation are constantly changing the water in your pond. Your goal is to establish some form of balanced ecosystem. This is not an easy thing to do, water has the ability to support many different types of life. The struggle is to keep the ones that we want, the ones that promote clearer water, and get rid of the ones that promote various types of algae'. This is were a bio-filter comes into play. A bio-filter uses various enzymes that compete for the same food source that the algae lives on. Without food algae will not grow. With the right balance of filtration and vegetation, you can decrease the amount of time required to maintain your water garden. OASE has several deferent types of filtration available, bio-filters, activated charcoal media filters, and modular mechanical filters. We also have products that will inject air into you ponds water, increasing the dissolved oxygen in you water.

Bio Filters

Bio Clear 5
Bio Clear 10
Bio Clear 200 Pond Skimmer
Bio Clear 300 Pond Skimmer
Biokick 1
Pondlith Cure
Biological Filter Bog

Mechanical Filters

Aquapur 18
Modular Filter MF 20
Nautilus Filter NKF 11

Aeration supplies

Pond Aeration Pump
Powermax Air Injector


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