OASE Lunaqua 3 LED Pond Light
Specifications and Parts

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OASE Lunaqua 3 LED Pond and Fountain Light

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OASE Indoor/Outdoor Transformer

60 Watts at 12Volts

OASE Lunaqua 3 LED Low Voltage Fountain Light

The Lunaqua 3 is a 3 watt low voltage LED light that can be used underwater or above ground. The powerful LED is easily adjusted for beam angle. This light comes equipped with a mounting base and can be used with other transformers for your Pond or Garden

Lunaqua 3 Specifications and Parts List

12 Volt light - 120V / 60Hz Transformer
Power consumption
3 Watt
Beam Angle (degrees )
Cord Length
25 Ft.
[Dia. x L in.] 3.4 x 4.3
Part #
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