OASE and Rain Jet Fountain Nozzles Are Back!

The Most Popular Brass Fountain Nozzles are Now Available!

Now Available: OASE 1/2" to 2" Fountain Nozzles!
OASE Bursting Star Fountain Nozzle in 3/4" to 2"
OASE Dancing Jewels Fountain Nozzle in 1 1/4" and 2"
OASE Vesuvius 3/4", Ballerina 3/4", Crystal Cone 3/4"

OASE - Rain Jet Fountain Nozzles

OASE Bursting Star Nozzle OASE Vesuvius Nozzle OASE Dancing Jewels NozzleOASE Crystal Cone Nozzle

Fountain nozzlesThe fountain nozzle will determine the overall look of you finished fountain. You can combine many different types of nozzlesDecorative Fountians to achieve the desired end result. Cascade, Foam, or Frothy nozzles produce a single column of water shooting straight up in the air, while other nozzles combine several different spray patterns into one nozzle.
The first step in designing your fountain is to determine what type of spray pattern you want. Because the type of nozzle, quantity of nozzles, and the height that you want your water pattern to go, will ultimately determine the size of the pump and the power of the lights that you will need to put into your fountain. The overall size of your fountain pool or basin will also be a determining factor in how high, and wide you will be able to spray your water while keeping the water in the pool. As a general rule of thumb, water has the ability to splash the distance it falls. This holds true up to about eight feet. So if you have one center column of water shooting straight up four feet, in theory you will need an eight foot diameter pool in order to contain the splash. Everyone wants to cheat on this basic rule. The final decision or question is how much splash out, are YOU willing to accept. While the nozzle or nozzles will determine the water pattern, the pool or pond is the most important part of any fountain. Because if you can't hold water, you don't have a fountain. We sell a wide variety of pre-made fiberglass pools in sizes up to 30 feet in diameter.

Rain Jet Crystal Cone NozzleRain Jet Bursting Star NozzleRain Jet Verticle Jet NozzleRain Jet Bell Fountain Nozzle
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OASE and Rain Jet Fountains and Nozzles

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