Aquamax 3500 3500 GPH for Waterfalls, Streams, & Ponds
Aquamax 3700 pump
Aquamax Pump
120V / 60Hz
Power consumption
300 Watt
Flow Rate ( gph )
Head ( ft. )
Outlet Size ( in. )
Strainer size (sq. in.)
Weight ( lb. )
Power cable ( ft. )
Part #

Included Accessories:
Swivel Joint
Quick Disconnect

Available Accessories:
57395- AquaSkim Surface Skimmer

Aquamax 3500

The Aquamax Series Pumps are designed with the OASE Asynchronous Technology. They are engineered to save hundreds of dollars annually of electrical power usage. The oil-free design incorporates a stainless steel housing for durability and a special ceramic bearing and shaft for low friction and increased life. The unique design allows for solids up to 3/8" in diameter to pass freely through the pump. In addition the Aquamax series pumps are equipped with the proper grounding mechanism to provide maximum safety, meeting all National Electrical Code requirements.

Approved for both Indoor and Outdoor applications

5 Year Warranty

Pump Curve
pump curve

Aquamax Pumps

Since OASE introduced the Aquamax range of pumps in 1997, it has become the most economical solids handling filtration pump in the industry. Unequaled in reliability, performance and economy. There is no comparison between the Aquamax and drainage, or sump pumps.
Our ongoing product improvement program has now resulted in a new and improved Aquamax range. The new version incorporates all of the existing advantages and many more. The specially designed impeller allows debris and solids up to 3/8" to pass freely through the pump. With a life expectancy of up to 10 times longer, and operational cost savings of up to 75%, there is no comparison to sump style pumps frequently offered on the market today. The newly designed housing allows the pump to mount both vertically and horizontally, while the new Swivel Joint enables you to direct the flow in virtually any direction. Additionally the new Aquamax pumps come complete with a quick disconnect system that is sized to fir multiple diameters of spiral tubing. Aquamax is the perfect pump for gravity fed filtration systems, KOI ponds, streams and waterfalls

pump drawing


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